About Our Klatch


System Nick Names: "JC", "The Klatch"

Population: 9

Body Age: 33

Hight: 5'9"

Collective Email: TheJCKlatch@gmail.com

 About Us

We are a multiple, also known as a plural. We are nine people living in a single body. We don't believe we are MPD or DID, just plain multiple. Some of us were abused in the past, however we remember each other existing before any of us were hurt. We're a multiple who have been abused, but our abuse didn't cause our multiplicity.

Aside from sharing a body, we're just normal people.
We're separate and unique, with different voices, stances, likes and dislikes, tastes, just like any other nine people.

We don't like being called "alters", as we aren't "alternate personalities", or even "personalities" at all. We're people, and each person has their own personality. We refer to each other as "headmates", seeing as how we all share a head! It's perfectly acceptable to ask for specific persons by name, and we can usually honor your request. Just be mindful of everyone. If someone is busy with the body, I'm sure she won't mind stepping back as soon as she's finished with her tasks.  Don't know who's front? Ask. See us on the street, want our attention but don't know who's there? "Hey JC!" works just fine, or call us "The Klatch", or any variation of our system name. We love to make friends, but just like any group of people, not everyone will get along well with all of us. We each have different friends, as well as some mutual friends. 

There is a lot of love for each other in our system, our inner family. We have bonds far deeper than any group of outsiders can ever hope for. Hurt one of us, and we will ALL come to her defense! We don't tolerate outsiders treating anyone in our klatch with anything less than civility. You don't have to like the whole klatch, but you will treat us all as people.

Anyone who may be writing articles about multiples, particularly healthy multiplicity, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions.

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