A message to our friends at IGDID:
A small misunderstanding between one of us and a couple staff members at Ivory Gardens lead to the excessively harsh punishment of being "banned for life", despite years of trouble free membership. We cherish the time got to spend on the forums and in the chat rooms with each of you. If you would like, you are more than welcome to keep in touch with us outside of IGDID. We can be reached at TheJCKlatch@gmail.com, or you can find contact information for individual members of The Klatch by clicking the names at the top of this website. We miss everyone from IGDID! Also, thank you to those of you who sent us kind words of encouragement in the mail. Every single card has been scanned and saved so we can look at them any time we wish. 

We will not be publicly posting the details of the incident out of consideration for the privacy of all those involved. We encourage those involved to re-access the incident and restore our membership. 

The JC Klatch

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