A.K.A: Kate, Katie, "Little Kate", Lil


Full Name: Katelynn Maree Combies

Mental Age: 3

Gender: Female

Religion: Wiccan

About Katelynn

Katie is a snugly, adorable, little toddler. Katie's vice in life is a constant intake of sugar. She'll eat almost any sugary candy you offer her, and pig out on it in front of the TV. Her favorite food is "Fry-Fries". Kate loves cartoons, and enjoys coloring. She'll explode with excitement when the Doodle Bops come on. Typical toddler, Katie loves her beloved stuffed animal ("Lilly-Lamb"), as well as one wolf she share's with Mia, named "Floppy". Kate's goal in life is to be hugged as many times as she can! 
She is generally easy to get along with, unless she's upset.
She was formerly known as "Lil", and still answers to that as a nickname.

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