A.K.A: Mia, Koda


Full Name: Miakoda Celena Combies

Mental Age: 1 - 23 (Age Slider)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Unlabeled

Religion: Wiccan

Email Address: HelloMiakoda@gmail.com


About Miakoda

Miakoda can be best described as randomly silly. She's quite femme, slightly Gothic. She is easily and quickly attached to others.
She is an age slider, and thus she's an adult/child mix.
Mia is very playful. Her favorite colors are pink, and black.
She's a Wiccan, and a vegan.
She will do anything for fun or for a laugh. She is out to surround herself in all things cute and Hello Kitty.  Mia enjoys cartoons, and is an anime fanatic. She most often listens to house music, but can pick favorites from nearly any genre.

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