I am mute. I can hear, but I can't speak. 

People often ask me why I don't do something about it. They have suggested other means to create voice, such as using an app on the smart phone. My reasons are simple, yet meaningful. I am not broken, I am only different. I don't wish to be synthesized.  How I express myself without a voice is part of who I am. From my exaggerated facial expressions, to animated movements, to my symmetrical double finger spelling, it's ME. That is MY "voice"! It's how I "sound".

Also, after all this time... the people I want to talk to don't need me to speak vocally. My deaf friends sign, and hearing-speaking people worth my time will either learn sign language or at the very least be patient enough to give me time to write my words. If they won't put in any effort to communicate with me as I am, then they don't deserve to hear what I was going to say. I am different, and I am awesome just the way I am. I talk louder with my hands, my heart, and my body, than I ever could with an audible voice.

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