Full Name: Pastel Clover Combies


Gender: Demigirl

Orientation: Asexual

Religion: Proprietary

About Pastel

Pastel is a unique individual who can come off as very strange to some. She is quiet, all her actions and words are carefully thought out, and she is extremely calm in every situation. Even in an emergency, her actions are precise. When Pastel arrives at the front, she usually goes straight in to meditation. She can meditate while conversing with outsiders. She is very sensitive to light and sound, and thus prefers quiet and softly lit environments. Pastel is very logical in her thinking.

Pastel is in charge of our system, although we generally make life decisions collectively. Pastel enforces our System Rules, and will restrict front access if those rules are broken. Pastel is also in charge of keeping everything in nice functional order. She keeps up the inner world, prevents littles from stumbling in to adult only activities at the front, and ensures absolutely critical information gets to the people who must have it.

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